A Halloween Lesson in Inclusion

A few years ago, on Halloween night, I was touched by the kindness of a little kid in my neighborhood who ran out of his way to put a Snickers bar in my hand. There's still a bog somewhere to remember that small act that continues to move me all these years later.

Fast forward to tonight. The same kid a few years older sees that I have Hershey bars in the candy mix in my bowl, and he asks if he could have one of those instead. Of course, you can!

He ran to the sidewalk where his parents were waiting, and he put the Hershey bar in his mom's hand and says, here, I got this for you. I know it's your favorite.

Who is this small ninja of love? This guy shows us all that including someone doesn't have to be difficult, and it shouldn't be a big show. It's as simple as sharing something from your own bag of treats.

I hope the harshness of the world never takes this quality away from him.

Happy Halloween!

#kindness #generosity #sharing