Recording and Publishing a Video, Podcast, and Blog in Under an Hour

I was asked today how I make these videos and podcasts so quickly. The short answer is that I cut corners. I don't make unique thumbnail images, my editing is light at best, I don't care if I say um or stammer, and I use the same templates daily for videos, images, and descriptions.

The tools I use are Camtasia video recording and editing software from Camtasia, Canva Pro templates for graphics, a simple framework for descriptions, and automated distribution through Anchor.

My content ideas most often come from conversations I've had within a day or two before and are not scripted or structured. I record the video with Camtasia using a template I made just for the coffee break. The template has front and end graphics, a pre-formatted title and text overlay, and a placeholder where my video will go.

Once the video is recorded, I place it in the template, change the title overlay, trim the beginning and end of the recording, and add fades between the video elements. Then I render the file into an mp4. I also produce a PNG image of the title card for my YouTube Thumbnail.

After rendering the finished video, I upload it to YouTube and Anchor. The uploading and processing usually only take a couple of minutes. Anchor distributes the video and an audio track from the video to Spotify, then distributes the audio to ten channels I've set up to be automatically updated when I upload to Anchor.

I write my episode description in YouTube's editing window and copy and paste it to the Anchor episode and my blog. Once the videos are finished processing, I publish them and then embed both a video and an audio track on my blog.

This timeframe is usually between 30 and 45 minutes for a 10-15 minute video. This video took 41 minutes from idea to distribution.

If you'd like help setting up a system you can use for content production like this, please get in touch at

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