Is Your Marketing Building a Wall Instead of a Door?

Going through my email this morning, I was struck by how many I automatically deleted and the tone in many subject lines that led me to open the email and unsubscribe from their lists. After having a Gmail account for a couple of decades, I know I'm on every spammable list that has ever been made, but these emails were from lists I had once been interested in enough to subscribe to.

Here are a few of the things I reacted to:

** Hyper-agitation of pain points.

** False urgency.


** Arrogance disguised as authority.

** The pretense of knowing what I need.

Now I get that we've all learned how to attract and define our audience not only with the positive but also with the negative, but I noticed the trend was mainly to the negative and not being completely well(I've had a doozy of a cold), I internalized it more than I usually do. This marketing didn't feel good.

I think there are better ways.

Referenced in the video:

Jess Kotzer - Check out her recent YouTube shorts on Airtable automation.

Cat Stancik - The Lead Boss will be on soon talking about buying styles.

Danielle Gardner - The brilliant author of Quiet Marketing who is doing groundbreaking work based on her growing understanding of Human Design.

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