Insecure About Self-Promotion?

For me, the easy part is creating. If I can get into a groove and stay with the commitment to finish, I can get projects done. The hard part about making a living comes after I'm done creating. The hard part is promoting and selling.

Just like so many people I talk to, I have an inner voice that likes to tell me what other people are tired of hearing, and at the top of the list is anything I'm getting ready to promote.

This insecurity is the most common obstacle between people and the success they've dreamed of. It's built into a lot of people, especially and including me. Yet another psychological protection that ends up keeping me less than satisfied with the life I'm making.

I've worked on this much of my adult life and I've never found a way for those inner voices and impulses to go away. I've only found ways to do the things I need to do in spite of them. If you hear me promoting something I'm offering, I can assure you that behind the sound of my voice, there is an internal impulse to stop talking and leave the conversation. Yes, even on this recording, that happened.

Just like anything else, talking about what we offer takes practice. And like every level of athlete, even the pros still get jitters sometimes, but they know how to do the job despite the jitters. If you're struggling with this, please take me up on the free coaching call I offer at https://bit/ly/BestNextStepCall

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