Visibility Fatigue

If you find courses on social media and content marketing from just a few years ago, the most common message was to be pumping out original content on every possible channel as often as you could. At that time, it may have been possible to manage that many channels without much difficulty. There were fewer channels with fewer options on each.

Now, there are a dozen content options on each channel, and the communities we found online a few years ago seem to have fragmented into smaller and smaller segments. We feel that to stay ahead of the curve with our marketing and promotions, we have to be online during as many waking hours as possible and automate the rest.

In this Coffee Break, I share how I discovered for myself how to be in the right place at the right time after I got burned out trying to be visible everywhere, all the time. For those of us who work in the DIY space, it's becoming more important than ever to find the places where our people are spending time and paying attention and finding ways to reach them where they are, then invite them to our world.

There's no pat answer, but the strategy we use to find and reach people may need to change as often as the algorithms do, and that's pretty much every day. I encourage all of us, including myself, to keep our processes and practices simple and direct and try to minimize friction for our friends and followers as much as possible.

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