Other Marketing Options Besides Social Media?

The question of whether social media is the only way to reach your community comes up frequently. I know people who have successful businesses who still don't have an email address or a website. They have a great reputation in their community and depend on a strong referral network to generate business.

I know a painter who sets up her easel on the sidewalk in an office park and sells enough artwork to make a very comfortable living, and she's known by almost everyone who passes by her during rush hour. She has a business card with a phone number.

There are successful people everywhere who don't use social media at all. The question is, do you have a better way to reach that many people at once? Especially if you need to sell a large volume of products.

I think, too, that we need to get away from the idea that marketing should only be done through one channel. I don't get a lot of clients from creating content, Most of my business is referral based. But having the content gives people a way to get to know me before we ever meet. And social media is one channel among many where that happens.

I also don't believe you need to follow every trend that comes along unless you want to. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Be very clear about your goals and evaluate your marketing activities by whether your goals are being met and exceeded. If social media works for you, keep doing it.

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