Audience-Friendly Captions and Hashtags

Social media captions and hashtags are powerful ways to be found online, but many creative people make common mistakes in how they're used. A musician may be inclined to talk about their composition or recording process and reference the music in their hashtags. [hashtag]musicperformance, [hashtag]Americana, [hashtag]songwriter, [hashtag]originalsong.

I suggest the captions and hashtags be more about the audience's story related to the creative work. If I wanted to make my caption and hashtags for my song, Hard to Be a Cowboy, I might want to write it like this:

My Uncle Charlie was my [hashtag]boyhoodhero, a real [hashtag]wyomingcowboy who was a [hashtag]familyman, a [hashtag]proudamerican, and a positive [hashtag]malerolemodel.

This song is my tribute to him

This caption and hashtags give a glimpse of the story of my Uncle and make it visible to the people who may see it in searches for keywords and included hashtags.

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