Deciding What to Share

I've been revisiting Instagram and learning about TikTok in recent weeks. When I joined Instagram, it could only be accessed by phone, and I think I may have been using a flip phone. You took pictures of whatever you were doing, wrote a brief message, and posted. The people who followed you saw it. Simple.

I've become a fast fan of TikTok, with the exception of the potential human rights and privacy violations, in large part because their algorithm is really paying attention to my viewing preferences and adding more of what I'm watching to my timeline. All the other channels? Not so much.

It is probably because I've only been active on TikTok for a short time, but I don't have any idea how the other platforms choose what to show me. It has made me wonder how I decide what to share. There doesn't seem to be a way to predict what the algorithm or audience will favor, so I'm left to my most reliable guide - my hunch.

I believe that our intuition is connected to a greater source of insight. I don't know who each of my videos is for, but because the idea has come from a hunch, I can trust that it's for someone who will watch at some time.

If I try to figure out what will become viral, I will ultimately go nuts. So I'll keep following what my intuition throws out there.

#intuition #decision #socialmedia