Being Prepared for Introductions

My business is almost completely driven by personal referrals. I'm being introduced or making introductions almost daily. Today, I remember when I was introduced, and I wasn't ready for it, resulting in blown opportunities, embarrassment, and a tarnished professional reputation.

So the other reason for this topic...I've made introductions and had people come back to me asking me why in the world I thought that would be a good connection. The person who had asked me for the introduction was not ready to meet the person I introduced them to. Embarrassed and tarnished yet again.

Your success depends on relationships. Professional relationships depend on things like clarity, intent, and preparedness. I've had people get mad when they ask me to make an intro, and I ask them to do their homework first. I'm just not willing to risk my rep by introducing someone to an esteemed colleague and having them show up unready.

Preparedness suggestions within...

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