Spiritual Awakening Through Career and Business

I have a long-held suspicion that for many people, the spiritual path begins in earnest when they reach a place in their lives where they are so dissatisfied with the conventional path that they strike out on their own. For some, this looks like following a dream - in my case a career in music, for others, writing a book, for others starting some kind of a business.

The reason I suggest this is the beginning of a spiritual awakening or journey is that these kinds of experiences are especially good for witnessing our own egos at work and seeing the truth about them, then surrendering once this understanding is seen. 

In this Coffee Break, I suggest the possibility that starting a business can be the beginning of the spiritual path because everything we know to be true about ourselves gets called into question when we put an idea on the line and then try to make it into something powerful and meaningful. What better way for our sense of self-importance to reach it's end?

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