Interact Quiz Mastermind Oct 11-13

Join me for the Interact Quiz Mastermind October 11-13, 2022! To learn more and enroll, go to Mastermind
If you've just met me, you probably don't know that I'm a fanatic about online quizzes, and my software of choice for such things is Interact. In this Coffee Break, I share some of the experimenting I've been doing with quizzes and some of the ways your business or organization could be using them to create valuable, memorable, interactive experiences for your site visitors and social followers. And I also want you to know about the learning you can do about the people who are attracted to what you're doing.

All this is in preparation for an upcoming event next week that I will encourage anyone who is even minimally interested in quiz building to attend. The Interact Quiz Mastermind will be happening October 11-13 online, featuring some of the industry's best quiz builders and marketers.

Don't wait to sign up. Just go to to learn more and enroll. In addition to the expert instruction, you'll be offered some amazing deals on the software if you apply what you learn and publish a quiz during the Mastermind. This is an affiliate link, but you know that I only affiliate with companies and products I faithfully use. Interact is at the top of the list.

I'll be there!

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