Duh, It's the Relationships!

All the recent changes in my life have me reflecting on what matters most. Figuring out what I'm doing now that I'm only doing one thing. I want to do it well.

I looked back at all I've done for the past 13 years, and the one thread that keeps showing up is helping people start and build strong relationships. This hasn't been limited to one area of my life; it's come up in several. And it's also been the common thread in all of the work I've done with people in my coaching role. Identifying the key relationships they need and then finding ways to cultivate them.

Relationships are the context for everything we do as humans, and yet we often do our creating and planning outside of that context. Then we wonder why our efforts fail or don't land quite as we'd hoped. 

And the same dynamics at play in our personal relationships also show up in our professional relationships. They go through similar stages, are affected by personality and preferences, and rely on ongoing commitments to continue to exist.

It's becoming clear to me that my role with people seems to be in this area. The tools I've helped people make are relationship-building tools. The strategies I help people develop for their career and business success are relationship-based. And my podcasts, though honoring those of us who love working alone, still offer perspectives on how we can maintain our solitude while remaining in good connection with our circles.

This re-recognition gives me an organizing principle for everything else I create and offer. If you see me departing from this track, would you please remind me? And you don't necessarily have to be gentle about it.

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