Better Results in Less Time

After finishing the three courses I released over the summer, I took Robbie Samuels' advice and took a month off from production. (He talks about this in his wonderful book, Small List, Big Results that you can get here with my Associate's link: ) I've read the book a few times and this was one of the practices he suggested that stood out. 

The time off isn't necessarily idle time. It's time to reflect on what I learned and to identify parts of the process that I could improve. One of the things I have become aware of is how long it takes to edit course videos. As I looked back on the three projects, I realized that shooting the videos took very little time. I could record 5 - 6 lesson videos in an hour. Each course had about 30-45 lessons, so my video shoots accounted for between 8 and 9 hours of work. Editing the same 5-6 videos added about 2-3 hours of production time, so looking back over the process, I could have gained around 25 hours of time for each course if I'd hired a professional editor to do the job.

I could use those hours to market, sell, and deliver services, so the costs will be easily offset. And the professional editor will do a better job taking less time than I do editing my own course videos.

I've been looking at other areas where I could improve results and spend less time. They're in the video.

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