Trusting Your Instincts (AKA Your Gut)

I've always felt that my intuition and hunches are reliable, but I've been told to be more reasonable and logical in my decision making.

Reason and logic are great, but they haven't been as reliable as my intuitive intelligence. In fact, when I've chosen the reasonable path, it's often been a dead end.

I still don't know what to make of Human Design. My woo meter is off the scale, but every time I turn around, it's affirming something about me that is eerily true. Trusting my hunches is one of those things.

The implications of this realization run wide and deep, explaining why the tools and tactics of other types don't work for me, and how I need to create my own based on my own inner guidance. Sound familiar? If so, to schedule a conversation and see what your personality has been trying to tell you all along.

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