Knowing When Change Is Necessary

Sharing the podcast panel today at Founded in FoCo, I was struck by how each of us on the panel had been through major path changes in our lives and careers. In our own way, each of us had decided to turn our backs on convention and move in a self-determined direction.

And just before the panel, I'd had a wonderful catch-up conversation with a friend I hadn't seen in a few years. I was struck by a similar story that she told of finally reaching the point where she could no longer tolerate the way life had become and was motivated to make some significant changes in her career.

For me, one pattern has been to hold on to circumstances that my soul wants to leave behind, and I have to get to a place of serious discomfort and rage before I'm willing to start letting go. As I've gotten older, I've wondered if there aren't earlier warning signs that I could pay attention to before getting to the point of severity.

In this Coffee Break, I share some insights I've seen in my own corner of life that may be helpful. Seeing that dissatisfaction is an early indicator that I need a change is an important place to start. I've been in the habit of quashing those voices and playing through the discomfort for 60 years. Could I make better and easier decisions if I learn to hear the quieter voices sooner?

What's your experience of reaching the point where change has to happen or you'll have severe consequences to live with?

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