Success Strategies for Sensitive People

 I took the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) forty years ago to find that I'm an INFP. Think what you want about that, but I'll just use it as a reference to say that my personality tends to land on the side of high sensitivity, empathy, and intuition. Truth be told, I find most marketing and sales techniques difficult to carry out and sustain for any length of time without ending up feeling completely exhausted and at odds with my own core values.

The challenges I've had in all of my career and business efforts are mostly around finding ways to succeed while honoring my strengths and personality traits instead of ignoring them and playing through the pain. For me, the key to succeeding has been to focus on building high-quality, strong relationships with people and delivering service worthy of referral. It has worked, but it took time to figure out and build a system around it.

An interesting observation recently is that the people who have been finding their way to my coaching tend to share these traits - highly sensitive, introverted, intuitive, and completely frustrated with trying to be the square peg in the round hole. And I don't have a blueprint to offer them. Our work is to find the methods they naturally already tend toward and build their system on those.

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