Make Something Worth Driving For

If you're ever in Longmont, CO, stop in at Babette's Artisan Bakery for a breakfast or lunch sandwich, some wood-fired pizza, and don't forget to wrap up a loaf or two of their amazing sourdough bread to take home with you. Find their hours and more about them here:

We found out about Babette's from some foodie friends who would drive from their home in Genessee, about an hour away, to stock up on their favorite bread and desserts. We've been going there for the past several years, including the pandemic years, and we tell everyone we know about it. Yes, their food is expensive, but we've already spent the money on gas; we'll pay what it takes. It's that good.

There's more about Babette's in the Coffee Break today, but I wanted to make the point that if you focus on exceptional work, people will do whatever they must to get it. Make your first priority mastering the craft of what you do, and don't settle for a mediocre product. Make it the absolute best that you can. 

Think about the authors whose books you don't hesitate to buy because you know they will be excellent. And the musician whose albums you seek out because they've proven that they can deliver great experiences. YOu will watch for new things they release. You'll show up for their events. You'll buy. And even though you may be less impressed with something that doesn't live up to expectations, you'll still be willing to give them a shot because you know what they're capable of.

Do that kind of work. The kind people will drive for.

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