Targeting Underserved Niches With Your Content with Scott Schang

What if 96 percent of people looking for a service like yours were ignored by the top-performing competitors in your industry? By now, the easiest to find customers in your industry are finding the companies who can afford the most expensive ads, keywords, and the top of page one on Google. But imagine if you found a closet full of bankers' boxes with people who wanted your service but couldn't access it as easily as the customers your competitors have the resources to reach. Wouldn't it be worth it to find ways to serve them?

That's what Scott Schang did. He used blogging as a way to teach people who had been refused mortgages on their first try how to succeed on their second. The sales in his division tripled.

Now Scott teaches other mortgage vendors how to reach their customers through content marketing using blogs, videos, and other channels. He's taken his most successful content and packaged it so that other people in his industry can share in the success he's found.

In this episode, we talk about:

** How Scott found ways to be a successful salesperson despite being told he didn't have the right personality.

** How he discovered a huge opportunity when his state started a program to help teachers buy homes.

** How he designed ways to strategically help people who were being refused mortgages what they needed to do to succeed in their next application.

** What he would do now if he had to start over again.

Scott can be found at and on LinkedIn

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