Strategic Volunteering

A recurring FAQ in my world is, "Where can I meet the people I need to know? They aren't at the networking meetings I go to." I remember back when I was in corporate sales and consulting that the place to meet new contacts was the country club if you could afford it. I couldn't. There were gym memberships, social clubs, service organizations, and other places, too, but many of those placed limitations on using their meetings and venues for making business contacts.

One of the places I've had the most success meeting the right people for the opportunities I seek is through volunteering. I share a few of my favorite volunteer experiences in the coffee break, but if you'd like to come up with a volunteering strategy to further your goals and dreams, schedule an IdeaBurst session with me. This is a one-time 90-minute coaching session in which we'll clarify your goals and find the relationship opportunities to help you succeed. to schedule.

The most interesting connection made through volunteering was with the communications chief for a company in Indiana I met while installing a toilet in a Habitat for Humanity house. He became a close friend and a referral source I count among my most loyal.

Most fun volunteer experience? Radio DJ on KRFC in Fort Collins!

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