Is the Market for Your Topic Saturated?

I've been asked three times this week if it's too late to get into content marketing, or more specifically, YouTube or podcasting. My answer is no, it's not too late.

The days of easy audience building on those channels may indeed be a thing of the past, but there is still room for every unique voice out there, especially if they have a new angle to share or a specialty that hasn't been widely discovered.

I think it's smart now to be more narrowly targeted with your show topic. Most of the general topics have been done into the ground, but the niches within those topics may have never been touched.

Do your research and see what gaps there are in your specialty area. Make your channels about that. Fill in the gaps with your knowledge and point of view. 

I see the online realm as a mosaic with an untold number of unique tiles. Your tiles are just as important to the composition of the picture as all the rest. The one thing that hasn't been saturated yet is your market. They're looking for you. I'm here to help bring you together. Find out how at

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