Changing the Experience of Life

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Don't worry about the future. Learn to find a better feeling right now. It's amazing to see how the body-mind resets itself automatically when the fixated focus of our awareness lets go of a troubling thought.

Today I'm working on taxes. My first reaction to taxes is usually dread. I dig up old memories of not being prepared, owing more money than I had, and facing penalties and debt. Remembering those things freaks me out a little.

But I don't keep my focus there. As I sift through receipts, bank statements, and calendars, my awareness shifts to a larger story of my past year.  All the people I worked with were happy to pay me to work with them. All the things I was able to buy for myself and my family. All the ups and downs I made it through. As I start to think of all these other things, my feelings change.

In this Coffee Break, I share my opinion that we get too wrapped up about creating our future through thinking that we forget we're actually creating our present moment's experience through thinking. Don't get stuck in the past or the future. Focus on the better feelings available right now; the future will be just fine.

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