If You Want to Start a Podcast

I'll be participating in a panel discussion on podcasting this Friday, September 30, 2022, for the Founded in FoCo event. If you're located in Northern Colorado and would like to attend, the free event is detailed here: https://foundedinfoco.com

In getting ready for the panel, I've been going over my own experiences in podcasting. I did my first in 2010 as a part of a home recording content channel I had. It lasted only for about a dozen episodes before life interrupted, but I remember the learning curve back then was very steep, and the pieces that had to be put together were numerous compared to blogging which took about ten minutes to set up.

My next podcast happened in 2017. Making Your Own Way was a podcast that featured interviews with many of my friends and clients who had decided to leave behind the conventional career and life paths and forge their own. Make Your Own Way also lasted for about a dozen episodes, and I changed the podcast's theme to The Reset. The transition between these two shows was when I discovered and moved all of my podcast hosting to Anchor ( https://anchor.fm

After about a year, The Reset name was taken by two other podcasts, and I went through a rebranding to Your Own Best Company. I wanted to host a show for people who love working alone. At the beginning of 2022, I decided I wanted to have the format of the show include more than just interviews as well as have a daily short episode released on all the other days of the week. Instead of creating a separate channel, I hosted both formats under one umbrella. It has worked beautifully.

Ever since Make Your Own Way, I've recorded the shows on both video and audio and released the show on YouTube, all the podcast outlets Anchor serves, and on my blog. My audience has grown slowly, but combining all the channels, I reach between 100 and 300 with each episode. This has resulted in being found by clients, improving my performance in Google and YouTube search, and social sharing. I haven't seen a large uptick in subscriptions and reviews, but the continued audience growth is encouraging.

I like how easy podcasting has become, and I have more to say about setting one up in the Coffee Break video. Anchor makes it easy. Recently, Spotify added video podcasts to its platform, so I'm uploading videos on more than just YouTube and social media. In 30-45 minutes each day, I can upload a new episode with custom graphics and unique offers and put it in front of larger numbers of people.

I also address some common rumors people hear about Anchor. I've been very satisfied with my experience there and have set up my own podcast and about a dozen others for clients. If you're looking for the easiest way to start and manage a podcast, I'm going to recommend Anchor as your first stop.

If you have questions about starting a podcast, schedule a call with me, and we'll go through a thorough checklist of all you need to do to start an Anchor-hosted podcast. If you'd like my help setting your podcast up, I offer a twelve-week coaching program to go from idea to having three finished episodes ready for release and a channel that is completely ready for launch. To schedule your free call, visit https://bit.ly/BestNextStepCall

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