Opinion? Or Universal Truth?

I'm not sure why my comment was the one you felt it necessary to reply with a very vocal and highly capitalized opinion, but goodness! I didn't mean to ruin your day by telling someone I liked what they said and how they said it.

Dear friends, we've got to get some perspective here. Our preferences and opinions are not universally true and applicable to all other human beings. Relax!

I share my opinions pretty liberally here and I'm guessing that mine are too innocuous to draw much enemy fire. That, and I have an extremely small audience who doesn't have time for feedback. But dang!

Universal truths could probably be contained in a very thin book, and could easily be challenged until there isn't anything left but a front and back cover. So why do we feel it necessary to put a goat's head on anyone who doesn't agree?

I'm starting to wonder if our disagreements are built into the design of the universe for population control.

Yours truly,

Willing to be Wrong About Everything

#opinion #goodmanners #youdecide