Attracting Your People

Why spend time on things like values, vision, and mission for your work? Because those are the subconscious thing people are attracted to.

Client avatar worksheet is impossible to finish, or it just doesn't work? Maybe you need to spend some time clarifying your values video and mission. Maybe you could work more on articulating your specialty. Then the people who need it will be easier to find.

Are your values front and center in your messaging? Try that and see if people are drawn to them.

Do you try to hide your personality in the interest of being more professional? Maybe that is keeping people from seeing you and becoming interested in what you're doing.

Are you reluctant to share your truth because some people might be offended or excluded if you do? Maybe that is what is keeping people from finding and seeing you.

Attracting clients to your work isn't rocket science. Don't make it harder than it has to be.

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