Has Audience Building Changed for You?

Today was a day full of great conversations. A recurring theme today was the question of how audience building has changed for people over the past few years. We also wondered aloud how the pandemic and quarantines have impacted how we attract and gather people to our causes.

In my case, my enjoyment of participating in social media has changed pretty drastically in the last few years. It used to be a more enjoyable and manageable activity. Still, it has gotten increasingly sophisticated and demanding, and it's hard to know how to reach people there without just sending them DMs.

The number of content options has also made it challenging to know how to reach people. I know I can repurpose TikTok videos as Shorts and Reels, but whatever happened to just posting pictures, and why aren't as many people seeing them?

The strange thing is that visits to my blog have increased over the same period. And again, I don't know why. I haven't increased sharing of my posts. In fact, I think I actually share less. How are people finding that? Analytics suggest that most of these visits originate on Facebook and LinkedIn. Weird.

I'm getting a lot more views, listens, and downloads on my podcasts, and that may be making some difference, but it hasn't translated into new subscribers. And I've all but buried my email newsletters after too many late Tuesday nights trying to figure out what to send in the newsletter.

As if by accident, people continue to find me, great conversations are had, and some people decide I can help them. All is well, but I don't understand why.

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