2022 Favorite Podcasts

 I haven't listened to as many podcasts this year as last, but I wanted to mention those that I still automatically download. I keep my subscription list trimmed to about fifty shows, and right now it's at 49. Of those, there are less than ten that I listen to every episode. I'm sharing my top ten for 2022 according to the Podcast Addict app.

1. The Entrepreneur's Ecosystem Podcast - I made a recommendation video about this one back in October. Dawn Petrin and Chanti Zak host in-depth interviews with coaches, copywriters, marketers, and other entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm and energy are high, and the guests are top-notch.

2. Copywriters Podcast - This has been one of my top picks for a few years. Copywriting coach David Garfinkel curates marketing communication advice from some of the best writers in the history of modern advertising. While I don't consider myself a great copywriter, I continue to learn things from this show that raise my game.

3. Akimbo: A Podcast From Seth Godin - I still don't have both feet on the Seth Godin bandwagon. I love the topics he chooses to riff on for this show, and there are some of his opinions I listen to and wonder why he's achieved the popularity he has. Yes, I'm aware of the contributions he's made to the ongoing conversations about marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, and social concerns like climate change. I would love it if he'd have a podcast where he could go further below the surface on the topics he chooses. While I'm frustrated with the depth that a 20-minute segment will allow, I still listen enough to include the show in my top three. Go figure.

4. The Copywriter Club Podcast - Rob and Kira have built an amazing support organization for marketing and advertising copywriters of all stripes This podcast is a central part of that offering. One of the things I appreciate about this show is the attention they give to the freelance profession of copywriting. Freelancers in any area of creativity would benefit from this.

5. Social Media Marketing Podcast - I'm becoming less and less enamored of social media as a predictable way to reach potential customers. Even the tried and true paid advertising channels are being co-opted by companies with deep pockets. The once-promised democracy of social media appears to have disappeared. The Social Media Marketing Podcast has managed to stay relevant and helpful in the midst of all these developments, asking the right questions to help listeners understand what's happening and how they can adapt and respond.

6. Access to Anyone with Michael Roderick - I interviewed Michael on Your Own Best Company not long ago. He's one of the most ingenious thinkers I've met in the past couple of years. In addition to Access to Anyone, I recommend you follow him on LinkedIn for his Mike Drop videos, and sign up for his daily emails. There's all kinds of goodness to be gained from it.

7. The Conscious Marketer - Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik have become well-known in the world of spiritual teachers, yoga, alternative healing, and meditation as the go-to marketing team. My favorite benefits of the podcast are the perspectives they bring on reaching people who tend to react negatively to aggressive and insensitive marketing tactics. They also have an excellent Facebook community attached to the podcast.

8. Duct Tape Marketing - John Jentsch continues to create high-value experiences for his listeners and readers. I've learned more about marketing from John, the podcast, his books, and the guests he interviews than any other single source. And in his spare time he designs and builds wood furniture. 

9. She Built This - I've recommended this podcast, hosted by Emily Aborn before. I'm hoping to invite her to be a guest on Your Own Best Company in 2023. While the stories are mainly about women finding success on their own terms, I find that the kinds of conversations they have about business, marketing, and sales are just right for a guy like me.

10. Natural Born Coaches - Another podcast with a thriving and active Facebook group, Marc Mawhinney hosts interviews with coaches in every area of the profession. He offers great support and advice to coaches in their professional development and has built a strong community of over 20,000 coaches on Facebook. It's one of the best resources for coaches I've found. 

The next five:

Content, Inc. with Joe Pulizzi - One of the most influential content marketers shares his personal insights and his professional network.

The Speaker Lab Podcast - Grant Baldwin delivers the goods for people who want to become professional speakers.

Interact's Creator Series - Jessmyn Solana hosts this wonderful show sharing stories of success withing the creator economy. She was my guest on Your Own Best Company in August.

Are you Waiting for Permission? - If you haven't met my friends Meridith and Joseph, I'll wait here while you go listen to them now...

The Simple and Smart SEO Show - For anyone who manages their own website and blog, this show is a must.

I also had the pleasure of being a guest on some fun shows this year. Here is a sampling: