Unexpected Forms of Abundance

I had an email exchange with a good friend today on the topic of "enough." She wondered if the concept of enough could be applied to things like to-do lists, marketing activities, networking, and other aspects of career and business. 

While we may feel overwhelmed by these things, I have started to view these as evidence of abundance instead of as a nuisance or obstacle. Honestly, if they weren't tending this garden, there wouldn't be this much growth. 

I grew up with a grandmother who canned vegetables and fruit every year. I remember some years seeing hundreds of jars of beets, tomatoes, green beans, apricots, peaches, cherries, and more in the canning kitchen in the basement of my Great Aunt's hotel. We would go around to all of our farming relative's places and pick up bushel after bushel of produce and take back to Granny in the canning kitchen. Over the course of the next several weeks, she would methodically prepare and can hundreds of jars.

After all the canning was done, she would have to go through and make decisions about how it all would be distributed. Once the storage cupboards in the kitchen were full, the rest would be distributed among family and friends until it was all gone.

The harvest, canning, storage, and distribution were all a part of the natural cycle of our family's life. And I wonder if times like my friend described aren't also a part of a natural cycle of things. 

In the video, I mention the inventory exercises I do to sort and distribute time, energy, tasks, and things. If you're interested in doing this for yourself, schedule your free Best Next Step coaching session here: https://bit.ly/BestNextStepCall

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