Solopreneurship and the Spiritual Path

Continuing the theme of spirituality and faith. - I want to reiterate the proposition that entrepreneurship is as viable a path for spiritual development as meditation, yoga, and religion. 

I think we compartmentalize life more than we need to, and we ascribe sacredness to certain activities and secular to others when it seems closer to Peter Mayer's observation that everything is holy now. Check out his song

Entrepreneurship and solitude work reveals our limits in tangible ways. We learn that there is a natural end to our abilities and that our imagination often isn't enough to do a job.  As we reach the end of our own capabilities, new ways of perceiving become possible. These new ways of perceiving expand our consciousness. This expanded consciousness enables us to see problems differently and imagine solutions that otherwise escape us.

The most common experience of entrepreneurship that fosters spiritual development is the continually deepening level of trust and surrender that is required to navigate the ups and downs of markets and trends, and stay true to our vision, sometimes when it doesn't even make sense to do so.

Whether there is a God on the other end of our faith or simply a higher order of things, faith is refined through being self-employed.  

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