Guided By Intuition - Fran Gallaher

Jody has risen to the highest levels of her company ladder, but she's frustrated that she's been getting passed over for promotion to the C-Suite. She's done the work, brought innovative ideas to the table, and has seniority over all but the CEO and COO of the company. It doesn't make sense that she is not being considered for advancement.

This is a perfect situation in which to call Fran Gallaher. Fran is an intuitive guide who helps individuals and organizations supplement their data, logic, and rationale with information that may be discouraged or ignored due to being outside the realm of normal business convention.

Fran teaches people how to access and understand their own inner senses as they navigate their way through making their best decisions for themselves and their organizations. She also offers professional intuitive services as a coach and consultant.

In this episode, we explore topics like:

** Identifying and using your inner senses.

** Being willing to trust your intuition.

** Creating feedback loops to improve capability.

** Allowing yourself to have doubts.

** Incorporating intuition into your normal set of leadership skills.

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