2022 Recap

I started 2022 with a stark realization about my content consumption habits and committed to reverse the ratio between content consumption and content production. My practical commitment to make this reversal was to release a new episode every day of the year on YouTube, my podcast, and my blog. I was able to keep this commitment, and I've seen some incredible results. 

When Spotify released its Wrapped reports in November, I'd already released 300 episodes, created 4,200 minutes of content, and seen my streaming numbers increase by 999%. December numbers will show that I reached over 365 video/audio/blog releases, and my number of minutes will be over 5000. YouTube reports that I've generated 19,200 views on my channel, and my watch hours have increased to 582.

These numbers are enough to encourage me to continue releasing new video, audio, and blog content with a high frequency, although I will be allowing myself a couple of days off each week from now on. I'm also excited to see a body of work with my name on it starting to develop. I've generated transcripts for all the episodes I released and plan to find ways to publish some of the best of that material in other forms. 2023 could be the year I actually finish a book.

I worked with 104 clients this year, many of whom sought business consulting through Larimer SBDC and Loveland Business Development Center. My SBDC clients were primarily seeking help with business planning and marketing strategy. My private coaching clients brought a variety of challenges. Business restructuring and executive support were popular requests, and I helped three people design, build, and launch online courses. I was also asked to help set up three YouTube channels, two podcasts, and one business-focused blog. My remaining clients sought help with audience-building strategy and planning using social media, email, and public speaking.

I was a speaker or panelist for a few events this year, and I participated in my first bundle offer. I spoke about community being the source of all opportunity for the Soulful Entrepreneurs Summit in January. In August, I joined six coaching colleagues to present a marketing laser coaching session in a mini-summit called What's Your Next Step Masterclass. My last public engagement was participating on a podcasting panel for Founded in FoCo week at Front Range Community College.

Aside from podcast and video production, the bulk of my creative time was spent building online courses. This year I finished five courses and started three others. Two of the courses are free. Setting up a Gmail Account, and The Low-Cost Design Toolbox are both being given freely to anyone who wants them. Elevator Pitches That Don't Suck, Fridgeworthy Freebies, and The Quiz Quickstart courses are paid courses. In the next couple of months, I'll be releasing Clients Everywhere, Discover Your Marketing Fingerprint, and Blogging for Your Business. I'll also be releasing new courses for the SBDC in April on Marketing Basics for First-Time Business Owners, Podcasting for Your Business, and Creating Stronger Brand Messages.

All my courses will be hosted on a new platform starting January 1st. Stay tuned for more information, and please contact me if you're looking for a course you purchased at my Teachable school. I'll no longer be using or promoting Teachable for course hosting.

I'll be posting tomorrow on my plans for 2023. Be sure to check out the vision as it emerges!