Maybe Less Pressure Will Help?

I made a video the other day asking the question, "What if you can't find your why?" I've had some strong reactions to that idea. There were a couple of people who treated it as a condition on par with a disease, quickly prescribing things to do to solve the problem.

Why are we so adamant that life has to have a purpose? Where did we get the idea that it needs to mean something, and that we're less than if we don't land on that purpose that gives our life meaning?

I wonder if my food will taste just as good if I don't have a bigger purpose than just living? I wonder if music will move me more if I know I'm here for a reason? I wonder if I can be okay without winning one of the coveted prizes?

In the video I refer to a story about Buckminster Fuller that appears to be urban legend, but it remains insightful. Here's an article if you want to know more: (Sorry if there's a paywall).

I wonder if we take our own presence here more seriously than we should, but then I ask how seriously should it be taken. I still hold loosely to the belief that every human is endowed with unique gifts, and those gifts will be realized whether we like it or not. To resist them is to suffer. But I also know that the idea we're all here to be great and grandiose is unfounded for most of us.

As Warren Zevon so aptly said, "Enjoy every sandwich."

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