Owning Your Power and Worth - Sabrina Victoria

From a struggling single mom to escaping a 13-year narcissistic abusive relationship, Sabrina’s tenacity and optimistic spirit have inspired fans worldwide and helped endless amounts of people break through and discover their own untapped talents and immense potential. Now, creator and CEO of Human Better 365, a human transformation company, creator of the Her Version Podcast, and founder of the Sober Society Community. Speaker, entrepreneur, and author.

Today on Your Own Best Company, Sabrina shares her compelling and sometimes terrifying personal story ending on a note of hope and triumph. 

Listen to her talk about:

** Her journey from fear to courage and confidence.

** Ignoring red flags and the experience of self-blame.

** The tension between leaving and staying.

** Becoming financially independent.

** Piecing together an escape plan.

** Evolving a coaching business.

And more...

You can find more information about Sabrina, her programs and services, Her Version, The Sober Society Community, and more at https://sabrinavictoria.com

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