Celebrating my son's birthday and my wife's return home from three weeks away today. Seeing my son at seventeen and remembering myself at that age is the fodder for today's Coffee Break.

Like father, like son is not a very accurate prediction. Bodhi is so far ahead of where I was at his age. I was a timid, socially awkward kid who tried to make up for my insecurities by showing off and other displays of bravado, none of which had any substance to back them up.

I was a late starter as far as finding my own way of contributing, and I was extremely slow to ask for the things I wanted. Bodhi is much bolder than I am, and he asks for what he wants without a second thought.

He's also much more confident in his social relationships than I ever was. He still has insecurities, but they aren't debilitating. He rebounds from challenges and difficult conversations and moves on.

This video is my tribute to him.

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