Finding Fulfillment Through Work You Love - Laura Livingston

A few years before her 18-year corporate HR career ended, Laura Livingston started allowing herself extended time off to travel. As her travels unfolded, she became aware of a growing need and vision for her life to undergo a radical change, but she wasn't exactly sure what that change needed to be.

While still working full-time, she started to explore other interests and experiences to see if any of them would show themselves to be her next direction. When her career came to an end due to a layoff, she leapt into an ongoing process of self-discovery through serving others as a yoga instructor, then hypnotherapist, then gradually working into her current role as a mindset and transition coach.

In this interview, we talk about the following:

** Leaving a job you love.

** Giving yourself time to explore.

** Growing comfortable with a new role and title.

** Feeling guilty about not feeling satisfied.

** and Navigating life changes through strategic pivoting.

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