A CRM for the Solopreneur - Reuben Swartz

As a solopreneur consultant, Reuben Swartz found that the learning curve and the frustration he experienced trying to adapt off-the-shelf enterprise customer relationship management software made his marketing and selling experience much less than enjoyable. As he started to put together tools of his own to track and manage his customer relationships, he started to look forward to his sales calls, and the friction he'd experienced with the larger software packages dissolved.

As he showed people his new systems, he discovered there was a product opportunity there, and Mimiran was born. Mimiran is the "Anti-CRM" designed specifically for solopreneurs that will help you track your sales process and make your customer contacts easier to manage and much more enjoyable. It also allows relationship-based solopreneurs to prioritize conversations that lead to long-term connections and opportunities.

In this episode, we talk about:

** The foundation of any relationship-based business.

** Transforming selling from a vicious cycle to a virtuous cycle.

** How Reuben finds his customers.

** Ideas for lead magnets that people will use.

** Forming strong connection habits without overthinking.

We also learn about Reuben's podcast, Sales for Nerds, that you can find on your favorite podcast network or here: https://www.salesfornerds.io/

Find more information about Mimiran here: https://www.mimiran.com/

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