The Big Purge Has Begun

A few weeks ago, I rearranged my office space to accommodate more musical recording. I'm in a pretty small room, so anything I can do to utilize space more efficiently is a tremendous help. I also have a difficult time sorting and giving things away or selling them.

I have a 2000 Ford van sitting in the driveway that hasn't run in over a year and it's been waiting for me to just decide where it goes and make arrangements to take it there. Yesterday, I donated it to a locela charity through Vehicles for Charity. I don't think my donation will amount to much, but I don't have to pay to have it towed away, and one of my favorite organizations might get a few hundred bucks out of the deal. I can also write off the contribution. 

Just that one bit of movement has gotten me more energized to let go of stuff. Music and recording equipment I no longer use or need? Gone! My dad's remaining book collection that I have no interest in reading? Gone! Every piece of paper I've collected in the past eleven years? Gone?

The purge isn't limited to the actual world. My digital world is getting the treatment, too. I started by leaving the Facebook Groups I'm no longer interested in. And then added unsubscribing from email lists that I haven't opened messages from in over a year.

I'm already feeling a big shift from those last two. The number of times my phone buzzes with email notifications has been cut drastically. My focus has improved, and I'm getting more done.

Tad Hargrave at Marketing for Hippies and Tosha Silver, who wrote It's Not Your Money are both advocates for starting any process of creating or attracting new opportunities with a thorough house cleaning. I can now understand the wisdom of this.

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