Becoming Referable - Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick is a connector, masterfully bringing the right people together and facilitating the relationship-building that needs to happen. He teaches others how to show up more powerfully in meetings and gatherings and become more referable - becoming someone who gets other people talking about them without being in the same room.

In this episode, Michael tells the story of getting started as a high school English teacher with a two-year stint as the Dean of Discipline for the summer school until a Seth Godin book inspired a move from education to becoming a Broadway producer. In a miraculously short time, Michael again created new and unique systems to bring money and people together by creating opportunities for them to gather.

His company, Small Pond Enterprises, provides consulting and education to people ready to accelerate their business growth through relationship strategy. Learn more at

Michael also hosts the podcast, Access to Anyone, bringing insightful and informative guests telling stories of success through connection. Listen, subscribe, and review on your favorite podcast channel.

A great next step from here is to visit and discover how you can become more referable.

Michael also posts frequently on LinkedIn. My favorite of his creations is the Mike Drop video series.

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