Why People Aren't Buying

Several years ago, I offered a workshop called Why People Don't Buy. I may resurrect it because I'm hearing that question quite a bit from some people I know. Some reasons are obvious - not the right time, not enough money, someone else sells it for less - but the reasons I really wanted to explore were the ones from people who had engaged with the message long enough to get to the point of sale but then bailed.

Ten minutes isn't enough to give a comprehensive answer to the question, but I was able to pull a few of the top reasons people don't buy once they reach the sales page and share them here.  The biggest reason for a low number of purchases is that the page isn't reaching the right people. For many people, the front-end marketing was non-existent or thrown together as the last-minute detail they should have put more time and thought into. They skipped the SEO, didn't post on social, or didn't give people enough of a reason to go any further.

Other reasons included that people didn't connect with the headline or the hook. It didn't attract their attention or build their curiosity. Some people bailed because they didn't see themselves in the messaging. They thought it was for someone else. Others started reading the copy but didn't resonate with it. Others got all the way to the offer, but it either didn't make sense, included too much information, or not enough.

And some people got all the way to clicking the button and were thrown by the price and the perceived value, or the transaction was difficult to complete.

There is a lot to think about on your sales page. Don't phone it in. This goes for book blurbs, Amazon author pages, book or product descriptions, catalog listings, portfolios... wherever you are trying to help people see they need the item and then act to get it. Take the time and effort to create content that makes connections and associations and leads to an easy transaction. If you need help, schedule a session. https://bit.ly/BestNextStepCall.

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