Growth Spirals and Stages

Sometimes I review copy and messaging for people's social media, email campaigns, and sales pages to see where they make strong connections and where they don't.

One place I see them struggle sometimes is when they're offering a program to people who have already surpassed the place where the offering was necessary, and they have a new set of needs and challenges. As a result of this, the messaging isn't appropriate or appealing to the audience in their new circumstances.

Another place I see this phenomenon is when a creative artist like a musician starts to reach a new level of expression that no longer appeals to the venues where they've experienced their initial opportunities and success.

Those of us who've been around the block a few times may recognize the cycles of learning and growing as we've been through it enough to notice. But for some people it the early stages of their work and business, it may be a pretty scary circumstance. The things that they've known to do up until now stop working and they start to question their paths and their life choices.

I think it's a normal trip through the stages of the growth spiral. Everyone I know has gone through them repeatedly as they've gotten older and have been faced with circumstances that stretch them in every way. In essence we become beginners again.

Understanding this gives us permission to give ourselves some grace as we navigate unfamiliar new territories. I invite you to schedule a Best Next Step coaching session. It's a free one-hour session to help you identify the new circumstances and opportunities you're entering and begin to find your way through them.

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