Pod-a-Thons and Pivots

Black Friday is one of the worst ideas ever to flow from the mind of humanity. Fill large buildings to capacity with humans who are experiencing various levels of FOMO, scarcity, the urgency of impending holidays, etc. Then offer extreme deals on limited supplies and watch them fight about it. And if you really want to make it happen, start a day early on a holiday that everyone used to take off to be with family or volunteer at the mission. This just doesn't seem like a good idea.

And yet, Americans have begun to treat it with more reverence and anticipation than Christmas and Easter and all the lesser holy days. Black Friday has become, for me, a good excuse to stay home and do fun things. Write songs, watch movies with the family, and purposely avoid spending any money anywhere.

This year will be different. My friends Joseph Bennett and Meridith Grundei are offering a more colorful Friday experience with their first-ever Pod-a-Thon. From 10 AM-10 PM EST on Friday, Meridith and Joseph will be hosting a 12-hour podcast with some of their selected guests and friends. I'll be joining them at 11 AM EST and they've lined up everyone but the dog and pony show for your listening enjoyment. If you want more information or a place to listen, click here: https://areyouwaitingforpermission.com/

Their goal is to raise $5000, which will be shared with the Malala project, supporting education for girls and young women. Join us!

I also had a wonderful conversation today with coach Laura Livingston, who will join me on an upcoming episode. We talked about pivots. This got me to thinking about all we've learned about pivoting these past few years.

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