Fireworks Experiences to Attract Ideal Clients - Cat Stancik

Anyone who's followed me for a long time knows I teach people how to market their business by delivering valuable and memorable experiences. Last week, I welcomed Cat Stancik back to Your Own Best Company for a discussion of something she's been developing called Fireworks Experiences.

After our interview, I attended her Fireworks Experience Workshop. This two-hour crash course will help you identify the kind of Firework Experience that fits your strengths and your client's focus. In one part of the workshop, Cat helped me clarify a new front-end marketing strategy I've been working on that made my idea many times better than it had originally been. I've already seen some exciting results.

Here are some of our talking points:

** What is a Fireworks Experience?

** How Fireworks Experiences make better buyers.

** How Cat creates safe spaces where sales can happen more easily.

** Five types of buyers.

** Gaining the confidence to go off-script.

We also shared our mutual excitement about the success of her monthly online networking event, the Lead Boss Mixer. If you're looking for a place to meet other successful entrepreneurs and mingle with potential podcast hosts and guest, register for the next mixer at

The next Fireworks Experience Workshop will be December 15th from noon-2PM EST. It will fill up fast, so reserve your spot soon here:

For information about Cat's coaching programs and services, check out Be sure to find and subscribe to her podcast, The REvenue Accelerator there as well.

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