How to Save Money in Entrepreneurship

If you want to save a ton of money as an entrepreneur, I have one suggestion. Learn how to sell. Don't just read the book. Practice selling. Practice until you feel as natural in a sales role as when you're having a casual conversation with a friend.

Why? Because many of the people I've coached have spent tens of thousands of dollars on things they think will do the selling for them, but those things don't do the job. In essence, they've paid to avoid the thing they're intimidated by or afraid of. These wastes of money could have been avoided by confronting their fear and learning how to feel confident in selling.

If you're struggling with telling people about the things you are offering and why they need to buy them, let's have a session. It's easy to set up. Click and schedule your free one-hour coaching session now. It will make and save you a ton of cash.

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