Buy From The Creative People You Know

The holiday shopping season is starting in earnest now that Halloween has passed. Before you spend a ton of money on Black Friday deals and e-commerce that takes your money well outside the local area, consider making significant purchases from creative people you know.

There are many reasons to consider, but these are my tops:

** It's validating for the person you buy from and helps them feel valued.

** More of your money stays in the local economy, supporting more than just one business.

** It's an investment in your local culture. Without your investment, your hometown loses it's character and soul.

Make a list of creative people you know and prioritize buying from them. Do this before Black Friday and make it a bigger priority every year. If you don't know any creative people, please change that. Start hanging out at galleries, museums, concerts, readings, and anywhere else creative people show up where you live.

We all thank you!

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