An Exchange Between Artist and Marketer

My friend Teresa forwarded an email she received from Andrew Simonet, an amazing resource for professional artists ( Blog here: )

He was taking a pretty bold stance against a marketing professional who had addressed a gathering of artists and told them that their main problem was one of branding. I share his consternation about this. 

I've been the guy with the PowerPoint, telling the artists how they need to market themselves. And I've been the guy trying to land another gig, get another ten names on the mailing list, and sell another CD so I can put enough gas in the car to get home.

Ultimately, his point was that the people who bring these business world solutions to artists and other creative people aren't doing so with a complete understanding of the people they're addressing. And the brilliant point he made was that artists don't need to be fixed; they need partners.

This gave me much to reflect on and talk about.

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