Being OK With Not Knowing What's Next - Teresa Funke

In our last visit with author and publisher Teresa Funke, we heard about her life and pandemic imposed sabbatical and how she knew her path was changing, but she wasn't sure how. In this episode, we find that she's reached a new place with very few conclusions but a new appreciation for not knowing yet what's ahead and being OK with it.

Many creatives are entering a time of questioning and reflection, like Teresa. In this conversation, we hear from Teresa on the themes of:

** Knowing when the sabbatical has ended.

** The deeper questions that accompany stopping.

** Releasing old ways of doing things.

** Getting excited before new possibilities appear.

** Encouragement for the low times.

and a practical way Teresa and her husband have found to make great literature available and accessible to kids who may not otherwise be exposed to it.

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