Podcast Recs on a Chaotic Day

A morning phone call scuttles all but one of my plans today. I had a good time this morning on the Are You Waiting for Permission Pod-a-Thon with Meridith Grundei and Joseph Bennett. They made it the full twelve hours. It's the longest podcast episode I've ever been a part of, but I on;y had to show up for a small part of it.

While I was on the podcast, my wife got a call about a family emergency that required an unanticipated trip to the Denver airport and back for me. My plans to finish editing and release the latest Your Own Best Company episode with Cat Stancik are going to wait another day. You will definitely want to hear that one.

On my way back from the airport, I listened to three of my favorite podcasters. I thought I'd share my recommendation with you here.

She Built This with Emily Aborn is a great show featuring interviews with women who have successfully built businesses and career paths they are loving. Emily is a wonderful interviewer, and her guests are top-notch. You can learn more and listen at https://shebuiltthis.org

Copywriters Podcast with David Garfinkel has been a favorite for a few years, but in recent months he's been featuring stories and techniques of some of the most successful ad writers of the past century. He could easily publish this series as another book of his own. His book Breakthrough Copywriting is an excellent resource for any business owner or marketer. Check out the podcast at https://copywriterspodcast.com

The last recommendation features one of my favorite past guests on Your Own Best Company. Craig Cannings of Freelance University hosts the Freelance Podclass. This show is a must for anyone pursuing a freelance career in any area, particularly in the digital realm. Check out the courses, programs and podclass here: https://www.freelanceu.com/podcast/

Thanks for the grace, everyone. Life threw a curve, but I still nicked it.

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