One Question Before We Start Planning

Do you want your plan to determine your lifestyle or your lifestyle to determine your plan?

Much of my work is focused on strategy and planning for career direction, business and marketing decisions, and some other transitional times. People often want to dive into the safety and structure that planning provides before they can answer a more basic question.

How do you want to spend your time?

Michael Hyatt has a great template to help people imagine their perfect week. I like to start with a starter timeframe of a day. What does your best day look like? As people work out these details, we're given a context and framework within which their best plans can take shape.

Often, if people jump into the planning before considering their lifestyle desires, they set themselves up for a more challenging experience with a higher likelihood of failure. I've found that imagining how you want your days to unfold is an exercise that skips the challenge and failure.

Since this is the end of the year, it's a good time to start thinking about next year. Set up a Best Next Step coaching session here: It's a free one-hour coaching session with no sales pitch that you can use to get clear on your best next step. Maybe your best next year.

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