Ode to a Blog

I'm creating a course on starting a blog. No, I'm not twenty years too late. Blogs are enjoying a comeback and long form writing is gaining traction in places like Substack, Medium, and some of the old standby collections like Elephant Journal and Huffington Post. 

I'm creating the course because I believe blogging is the best way to form and nurture client relationships at a very low cost. While some businesses are trying their hand at TikTok and doing very well there, I'm still a proponent of having a well-written blog as a cornerstone asset for your business website.

Blogging also offers unlimited flexibility in possible formats and content combinations. I love that I can have text, images, videos, and audios all in the same place so that people can experience what I offer in the ways they like most. I also like the creative challenges of making multi-media experiences available on my website, We don't ever have to run out of new ways to deliver valuable and memorable experiences.

For the icing on this ode cake, I'm going to sing my familiar praises of Blogger. It's still my go to. It's a lot like I am. We both have to work hard to be sexy, but we're reliable and in Blogger's case, stable.

This new course is a part of a bigger series I am building called the Low-Cost Marketing Toolbox. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, get in touch! https://franklintaggart.com

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