Deciding What Not To Do

How do you decide what not to do? Every business owner I know has a huge list of possible ways to spend their time and focus, and they somehow choose those items from the list that are a priority. But the other things on the list matter, too. 

There are things I choose not to do as a podcast host that allow my process to work the way I need it to. The choice I make to communicate with guests directly instead of trying to communicate with them through representatives is one that I've had to adopt. I get too many inquiries about guests from agents and publicists - more than I can adequately process. 

I do my own producing, including editing. I've gotten pretty good at it over the years and I know what I want. It's easier to just get it done. In making this choice, I'm setting aside other things I could be doing.

I enjoy doing my own marketing, too, along with course creation, content creation, and the main attraction - working with my clients. 

The main way I've learned to accommodate all these parts is to set some clear boundaries for how I work and to adhere to a schedule that honors all the things I want to do. After I finish a project, I can come back and look at the list of things I set aside to see if they still matter enough to add to the schedule.

It's a fun dance.

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