3 Questions Before You Create

I rarely experience creative blocks like writer's block and similar things. I'm pretty sure part of the reason why is I don't wait for inspiration. The three questions I talk about in today's Coffee Break are a simple but effective framework to help me take the first steps in my creative process. 

Write these down and keep them close:

Who is it for?

What difference will it make?

Where will it lead?

If you lack ideas, start with these questions. If I'm staring at a blank page, waiting for the muse to whack me in the head, I've found that an easy way to get started is to think about a specific person. It helps if I've had recent contact with them and I know something they're going through. 

Holding that person in my awareness gives me ideas and leads to the next question - what difference would I like to make for them? This helps me know what to create. And to then take the journey into the future with the last question, helps me to understand what outcome I'm hoping for.

Try this: Go on your favorite social media and find someone who is going through an experience they've openly shared. It doesn't have to be a difficulty or a challenge, but it can be. Is there something you can create for this person that will make a desired difference for them? What is it? And what kind of future experience might that exchange lead to?

Community is the source of all opportunity. If you lack ideas, inspiration, words, music, or purpose, start with becoming more aware of the people in your life.

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